The company Omedec

Specialized in precision die-cutting and stamping of industrial parts, Omedec brings you nearly 40 years of know-how in the heart of the country of microtechniques.

Founded in 1977, our company has naturally flourished near Besançon, in Franche-Comté, in eastern France. Land par excellence of microtechnical industries, this favorable environment has accompanied the entrepreneurship of the creators and leaders of Omedec. Their constant efforts, which continue today, have enabled our company to become a key player in the die-cutting and stamping of precision industrial parts, in small, medium and large series.

Products and services

With our international reputation and technical know-how in the die-cutting and design of high-precision tooling elements, we are proud today to offer our products and services to large international groups, as well as to European research centers.

We are particularly known for the traditional die-cutting and stamping, the realization of high precision die-cutting tools or the die-cutting of rotor-stators for electric motors and sheet metal for electromagnets dipoles and quadrupoles. We also assemble subassemblies and complete assemblies in a specific workshop.

Precision: a state of mind

Our constant desire to excel in technical precision is echoed by our highest consideration and dedication to our customers. In fact, we are driven by the constant concern to always meet your expectations, in terms of quality and time. That's why we are very attentive to the continuous improvement of our services and products. To achieve this, in 2003 we obtained ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing the quality of our approach and our offers.

Our workshop

Our die-cutting workshop is composed of about thirty presses:

  • 5 versatile presses capable of accepting tools to follow or recovery, large size requiring a large tonnage.
  • 1 x 300 ton press with feed line - capacity width: 1200 mm x 4mm
  • 2 x 250 ton presses with feed lines - capacity width: 510 mm x 4 mm
  • 2 x presses of 200 tons with feed lines - capacity width: 840 mm x 3 mm
  • 5 x presses from 100 to 125 tons with 3 lines of feeding - Versatile press capable of accepting tools to follow or recovery.
  • 12 x presses from 12 to 100 tons with 6 feed lines - Versatile press capable of accepting tools to follow or recovery.
  • 1 hydraulic press of 250 tons - table 1500 × 1300, HOF 450 Equipped for deep drawing

Omedec in a few dates

  • 1977: creation of the company OMEDEC.
  • 1978: inauguration of the first 500 m² production site.
  • 1984: move to 1,200 m² premises in Amancey.
  • 1987: expansion to 2000 m².
  • 1991: expansion to 3000 m².
  • 1998: the production site is raised to 4200 m².
  • 2003: obtaining ISO 9001 certification.
  • 2017: integration with the AMIQUAR group.