High precision die-cutting tools

Omedec designs, develops and realizes all your die-cutting tools.

To meet your needs in die-cutting and stamping industrial parts, we design all the appropriate press tools. Thanks to our integrated design office, we finely study your request, in order to offer you the most optimal process according to the complexity, the type and the number of desired parts. Thus, we can use the technologies of the tool to follow, the Swiss block or laser die-cutting.

With its experience and seniority in our company, our dedicated staff first realizes 3D views of your parts and die-cutting tools on Solidworks. Then, the tools are made with the greatest precision: they measure from 10 to 150 cm and allow die-cutting to the accuracy of one hundredth.

We manufacture precision die-cutting tools for many applications in many sectors of industry and research: electrical components and wiring, parking meters, snow chains, tools for metallurgy, logistics, supermarket ...